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About us

Educational program sponsored partially and organized by HASSAB, which dreams to change the Arabic world for a better place by building bridges internationally between different cultures and increase the interdisciplinary interaction with different professionals from around the world.
Will teach the students Globish-English as minimum so they became ready to exchange knowledge and ideas internationally with the other program members as well as the instructors.


Connecting between instructors and students from all over the globe pushing the student’s knowledge to the 21st century, Bridging the gap between industry and Academia, making them critical thinkers, and making them Globally Certified.


Creating a global community that offers a second chance.



Design Studio


Advanced architectural software courses


English course


Certification by a panel of experts all around the globe


MGSM Design Studio

The design studio aims to make the students more capable of producing designs up to date with the current trends using advanced design thinking and tools.


English Course

This is an intense course that prepares members of the (AEC industry) to use the language in their professional and academic career properly, it is a pre-requisite in case the applicant doesn’t meet the base line of language fluency.


The future of space special round

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The Idea of the future living space has been in the minds of thinkers, writers, philosophers and architects alike for a long time. This thinking process has been the driver of improving our lives. Now with the technology available the future possibilities of living spaces became vast.

An example of a thinker, architect and a designer of his future living space in the 1930s would be Frank Lloyd Wright in his proposal of a suburban community “Broadacre City” driven by the escape from the city and development of aircrafts as a mode of transportation.



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The challenge

The Topic of the challenge is to propose your vision of the future of Living – Working Spaces. And explore the Challenges that come from such proposals. Keeping in mind the Advancements in technologies. As it will complement and drive design decisions. In addition to the Relevancy of the chosen site.

The challenge is accompanied by a preparatory course This helps the participants produce the deliverables of high quality. This is will be a group work as the participants will be divided into groups of 2-3 members on the 1st day of the preparatory course. And Each Group has to choose one of three paths.


Mobile Architecture

The first path the participants can choose to explore is the concept to moving architecture also known as Mobile Architecture. Which was a concept explored since the invention of Automobile. With time it took many forms such as RVS, light dismantling pavilions, and moving structures.

Vertical  Cities

The second path the participants can choose to explore is the concept of Vertical Cities which flips the urban expansion idea on its head from horizontal to vertical expansion. Where a whole city is self-sufficient in terms of resources with its infrastructure, and management units.


Extreme Environments Habitat

The third path stems from the extreme change in the environments from Earthquakes, Volcanos, Floods, Droughts, Extreme Cold and Extreme Heat. In this paths participants need to propose a site with justification of choosing it and address its problems and trying to solve it in their design decisions.

The Program

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